I can now look forward with confidence to a bright and healthy future.
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Actual testimonials
from real people
I am so very grateful that I found your book before it was too late.
I read your book with tears streaming down my face
After following your diet and insulin regimen, my blood sugar control went from the "poor" range to the "good/excellent" range within days.
This is a fantastic solution to all my problems. I can now look forward with confidence to a bright and healthy future.
Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this book together. And we should all be thankful that you had a vision one day in October of 1969
The difference between living in death, or living to death
Worth its weight in gold - do not hesitate!
An Absolutely Superb and Life-Changing Book
If you are a diabetic yourself you need this information. If you know one, then give it to them as a birthday present.
Published Testimonials
The following are real stories submitted from real people,
whose lives have been forever changed by Dr. Bernstein's teachings.

I saw Dr. Bernstein speak in 1998 and it completely changed the way I treat people with diabetes. Since that time, I have seen phenomenally better results. Though it is true the book is highly anecdotal, it is always right on in my experience. Dr. Bernstein is an incredibly humble and honorable person as well, a true critical thinker, who questions without belligerence for the truth about diabetes.

This book is a must for everyone who treats people with diabetes, and for everyone with diabetes.

Reviewer: Eric L., Yarnell (Seattle, WA, USA)

I'm a 41 year old male and have recently been diagnosed with pre-diabetes (whatever it is called), with diabetes running in the family, so to get up to speed on the subject I ordered a pile of books (12 of them) off Amazon including this one. I've been through them all and this one I found the best in its explanations of the various aspects of the condition, the various treatments, and many other relevant details.

Dr Bernstein was an engineer with type 1 diabetes and became a doctor to be able to help others with his experiences and findings; he conveys intimate and detailed knowledge about the condition and all its aspects, and generally impresses with the information he provides.

The diet is not exactly appetising plus its very time consuming to have to calculate food details all the time I guess (not having tried it and not hoping to have to try it for awhile), however I will always keep this book in my bookcase "just in case" - if I do get diabetes and complications occur, I will grab this book and give it a shot. Because it is more believable than most of the other stuff out there, for the reason that it comes from someone who found out all of this himself, then became living proof of his own theory.

I would buy this book initially for the descriptions of how diabetes works, how the treatments work and what the various dangers are, exercises provided, etc. - it is well worth its cost for this information alone. Secondly, the diet may come in handy in case of complications etc. and if other treatments don't work.

And Dr Bernstein does indeed answer the phone himself as another writer also mentioned - I called just before opening hours and sure enough got to talk to the man himself.

Reviewer: A reader

For the 18 years I have been a Type 1diabetic, I have not found a more comprehensive source of information on diabetes, which has often frustrated me. This book gives a very thorough picture of the issues related to diabetes, and not only as it relates to diet. It even encompasses things like foot care and other issues diabetics might face. The book was somewhat scary to me as I finally understood what my average blood sugars read (A1c tests) and I found that my own average was 200. I am finding that my insulin use is not great for control, and that this diet is likely to get me there. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the low carb thing, but having tried it for the past week, I find it to be not so bad, and my blood sugar levels are decreasing. My doctor handed me this book, and insisted I try it. What I especially like is the detailed information on how to adjust insulin based on your own metabolism. This is information no one has bothered to discuss with me all this time.

Reviewer: Karen A. Robertson (Belding, MI)

Dear Dr Bernstein,

How does one begin to thank someone for saving their life? I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in January 2002. It was devastating because I have had ten members of my father's family die of Diabetes related problems (including my father). My elder sister had also developed the disease and was already taking seven tablets a day and still not achieving blood glucose levels in single figures. In the UK we use a slightly different method of measuring BG. I have found that to understand your book properly I just divide your BG figures by 18 to convert them to the UK equivalent.

I was put on the usual high carb diet and given no medications and have been left alone for three months to "see how I get on". Well, until I discovered your book I was not getting on well at all. My blood glucose readings were hovering in the range of 10(180 mg/dL) to 14(252 mg/dL) and I can remember my absolute delight when I actually saw a reading of 9.4(75 mg/dL) at one time! However, since buying your precious book and following your regime my blood glucose levels have dropped to 6.4(115 mg/dL) - 7.1(127 mg/dL)(apart from the dawn phenomenon which, without any medication I am unsure how I can overcome this). I fully expect my BG levels to fall further over the coming weeks (after all, I have only been on the regime for 11 days!!!!!! I expect that before my next visit to my doctor in two weeks I will have reached normal levels and will be extremely proud to tell her how I have achieved this with your help.

I am so very grateful that I found your book before it was too late. My eyesight has not been affected and my body shows no signs yet of any diabetes problems apart from a very slight raise in protein in the kidney for which I have been prescribed Ramipril 10mg per day. Now I am confident that I will never develop complications and that I will live a full and happy life with normal BG levels.

I read your book with tears streaming down my face when I discovered that, at last, there was somebody who truly understood what I had been and was going through. I also recommended the book to my sister. My sister and her husband (also diabetic and extremely ill after 7 strokes) both rang me to tell me that they were overcome with emotion at finding a solution at long last to their problems.

Thank you so very much. These are very inadequate words to express my feelings. I wish I could visit you myself to thank you properly. You are wonderful.

Mandy Rodrigues
67 Lloyd Street,
LL30 2YP
North Wales
United Kingdom

Three years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was like a walking Krispy Krem donut. After folliwng Dr. Bernsten's advise, watching my carbs, doing my blood tests several times a day, following an exercise program, I lost 35 pounds. Last month when I went for my checkup, my test showed I was not diabetic. I know I am still diabetic, it's just I have it under control to the point my blood sugar level does not show I am diabetic. I bought 5 books when I was found to be diabetic, none of them gave the insight and understanding that this book did. Very easy reading, easy to understand, and gives you more of an understanding then most of the doctors you will encounter in your diabetic travels.

Reviewer: Larry McKinnon (Fremont, ca USA)

Don't need 1,000 words. Outstanding says it all. I have been fighting diabetes for several years and Dr. Berstein described my doctor to a T. I have started following his diet and both my blood sugar has leveled off and my blood pressure is down. After reading the book I now understand why I was having problems with both my blood sugar and weight. This should be required reading for every doctor. Also, Dr. Berstein has put into simple language for the non-technical/non-medical personnel exactly what diabetes is, what causes it and how you can stop it from doing further damage to your body. I only regret that I did not know about this book sooner.

Reviewer: A reader

I am a physician specializing in metabolic medicine. I am a diabetic educator and lecture frequently at various physician conferences. I am in awe of the masterpiece Dr. Bernstein has put together. Never has there been a work so thorough, accurate, understandable and most importantly, effective. He's encompassed the entire topic so effectively that no question is left unanswered. This could only be done by someone who is not only well educated but also experienced and passionate about the topic. There is no doubt that this book will save thousands of lives. For the first time in history, a diabetic who follows Dr. Bernstein's advice will have the opportunity to live beyond the average life expectancy as he or she will be far healthier than the average non-diabetic.This book is an essential component to the library of every diabetic and every physician who cares for diabetics.

Reviewer: David P. Leonardi, M.D. "dleonardi3" (Las Vegas, NV USA)

Dear Dr Bernstein,

I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes 20 years ago, at the age of 9. After struggling for years to maintain good blood sugars despite religiously exercising for an hour a day, taking up to 8 shots a day, checking my blood sugar constantly, and eating all of the "right" foods, my blood sugar control was still very poor, with wildly fluctuating blood sugars. Just as I was at the "end of my rope" and ready to resign myself to a life of crazily inconstant energy levels and diabetic complications, I read your book at the recommendation of a friend. After following your diet and insulin regimen, my blood sugar control went from the "poor" range to the "good/excellent" range within days. In addition to my haemoglobin being virtually cut in half by my next doctor's appointment, my cholesterol dropped as well. Unfortunately, even which such dramatic results, my doctors still seemed relatively disinterested in looking into your methods further. It seems as if the narrow-minded & ridiculous high carbohydrate diabetic regimen is still being subscribed to by many in the medical establishment. Fortunately though, after a year and a half of dropping haemoglobin A1C tests, my diabetic nurse has finally admitted that at my diabetic clinic, many patients following the diet which you prescribe (or similar) are experiencing spectacular results, but the medical community at large is still putting up stubborn resistance to the low-carbohydrate diet. I want to personally thank you for your tenacity and courage in moving forward with prescribing this method of diabetic treatment. Your methods have finally helped me achieve excellent blood sugars and have helped me remember, after 20 years, of what life was like before diabetes.

Yours Sincerely,
Robyn Green
Brighton, England

Dear Dr. Bernstein:

I've been a type 1 diabetic for 33 years. I read your book, Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, about 10 months ago. I was amazed by all the information about diabetes, in one book! This book was indeed, a complete guide to achieving normal blood sugars. I had considered myself well educated on diabetes. Over the years my personal doctors have told me I was doing very well. However, my hemoglobin A1c tests have always ranged from 7.0 - 8.5. To really be in "good control" and prevent complications (long term), a diabetic should keep their blood sugars in the non-diabetic range (hemoglobin A1c less than 6.0). However, it was difficult for me to get a A1c of 7.0...

Since reading your book, my last 3 hemoglobin A1c tests have all been less than 6.0, one of my goals for many years. My most recent A1c was 5.5, and it's really not hard to do now... Your book is truly an amazing resource of information for all aspects of diabetes (type 1 or2). I now communicate with many diabetics and strongly encourage them to visit your web site, buy your book and use it to normalize their blood sugars. I now believe, with only very few exceptions, that any diabetic can get their A1c's less than 6.0 if they follow recommendations in your book. I could comment on so many helpful sections of your book... For example, the chapter on "Strange Biology" has helped me and many other diabetics understand and control those "unusual things" that can be very confusing and depressing. Your book has helped me get to the level of control I had just hoped for, for so many years.

Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this book together. And we should all be thankful that you had a vision one day in October of 1969, when you saw an advertisement in Lab World about some new device, a blood sugar meter, that could maybe give a reading in 1 minute, using only a single drop of blood; magical...

Dennis Green - Phoenix, Arizona
(diabetic for 33 years)

If you or a loved one has diabetes you MUST read this.
wes@wesgroup.com from Atlanta, GA USA
I do long range underwater cave exploration. I cannot afford *any* chance of hypoglycemic reactions, so I've tried to control diabetes w/ diet and exercise. I was loosing. My sugar was averaging 300, fasting at 190-215, peaks after 100% ADA recommended meals from 350-450. Exercising was becoming harder, if not impossible. Started the 0 carb diet on Wed morning. Its now Tue the following week. Fasting sugars are at 117, average is about 100, peaks at about 122. The first day, the average was down 100 points. Its been going down 10 every day since. I used to have to wait 1 or 2 days between 5 mile runs. Starting thr after the diet I did 2 a day. I've run every day since, sometimes twice a day, and have more energy. I think Dr. Bernstein has quite possibly extended my life by 20-40 years.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. --

A real breakthrough in diabetes control.
Adrian Gilbert from England
I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for over twelve years. I had more or less given up on ever having proper control of my blood-sugars and was resigned to putting on weight, having regular hypos/hypers and the probability that before long I would start suffering from the long-term effects of diabetes. Not any more. Since reading Dr Bernstein's book my life has changed dramatically. OK it is a bit tough having to give up on bread, cereals, potatoes etcetera but it isn't that difficult. (After all, diabetic already don't eat things like sweets and cakes, right?)

I have now been on his diet for about a month and have been going to the gym three times a week. Already I feel so much better. My blood-sugars are now mostly normal, I am losing weight and I feel much more alert. What more could you ask?

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you are a diabetic yourself you need this information.

If you know one, then give it to them as a birthday present. It will be the best gift you could ever think of.

This book has saved my life!.
(mandy_rodrigues@lineone.net) from Llandudno, North Wales
Within just two weeks of purchasing this book my blood glucose readings have fallen from being consistently over 11 to 6 and I am sure that within another week they will have fallen still further! I have already lost 8lbs in weight and haven't felt hungry once! This is a fantastic solution to all my problems. I can now look forward with confidence to a bright and healthy future. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in January of this year and thought my world had come to an end. Following the recommended diet prescribed by my doctor my blood glucose levels were constantly high and I was constantly hungry! Dr Bernstein's wonderful book has probably saved my life and the lives of everyone else that I can persuade to read it. For British readers I would recommend that you keep a calculator handy and just divide the American Blood Glucose readings by 18 to get the British equivalent as it will make understanding the book just a little easier. I can heartily recommend this book. Don't hesitate. The only thing you have got to lose is your high blood glucose and a bit of excess weight - what's wrong with that!

Go on, be in charge of your diabetes management at last. You will not regret it!

Review from a control freak.
P.Medina "medina155" (Winter Garden, FL United States)
Yes, I have to be in control. Not of everything, but when dealing with my personal health or that of my family I cannot just blindly follow whatever is the current thinking...IF it doesn't make sense. What a relief to read Doctor B's book in which he gives all the specifics behind his method of controlling high sugars. Of course It takes discipline to follow his advice but that's not too hard for those of us who want some control over our own health . I am 46 and have just recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I am so thankful I stumbled upon this book. Due to following Dr.B's program I have been able to cut back on my insulin requirements and will be requesting my doctors to make further cut backs soon. I also really appreciate that Doctor Bernstein holds out the hope that with proper control those of us who still have some functioning beta cells MAY be able to preserve them. With all the medical advancements being made this may be helpful for many diabetes down the road. Can you believe I went to a diabetes education class and they told me that there was no way they could be preserved? NO EXCEPTIONS.. That seemed pretty dogmatic.

That was the last of my classes thankfully. Dr B's book has taught me so much more.

Eighteen Months Later—Bernstein's Program Works!
Diane H. Murray (Pittsburgh, PA United States)

I wrote a review of Dr. Bernstein's book in June of 2000. At that time, I had lost 15 pounds and had normalized my blood sugars using his regimen. Eighteen months later, I am still following his diet and routines. Most of the time my blood sugar is between 75 and 90 and my hemoglobin a1c is 4.6. I visited his office in ... and have had phone contact and occasional visits to his New York office since that time. (I live in Pittsburgh, PA) I have now lost over 55 pounds and kept it off. My cholesterol has improved so that it is normal to low normal. Dr. Bernstein also diagnosed a thyroid condition—which other doctors told me I did not have—and with treatment, I am now in the completely normal range of both T3 and T4 and my energy levels are normal for the first time in years. I do not find the lack of carbohydrates to be that much of a sacrifice, especially considering the damage that high blood sugars can cause. I have found food items that help make up for the lack of regular bread and potatoes (made by Ketogenics) that help when I am hungry for bread, but do not adversely affect my blood sugar. Dr. Bernstein is indeed available 24 hours a day. Last December, I awoke at 2 A.M. with severe vomiting and diarrhea—very serious for diabetics and I called his emergency number. He answered the phone, gave me excellent instructions, and had me contact him every few hours—through Christmas Day—until I had recovered somewhat. I wish doctors in my area would take his treatment and ideas more seriously because they do work. When I have attempted to add extra carbs to my diet, it ALWAYS raises my blood sugar to unacceptable levels (over 110). If I were to eat the diet recommended by the A.D.A., I would have severe problems with my blood sugar, which would in turn affect my cholesterol and my heart. I know because I used their diet and developed diabetes while on it. Low fat, high carb (and I ate mostly complex carbs—whole grains, beans, fruit, carrots, beets) and avoided foods considered to be unhealthy. I liked that food, but it certainly did not help my condition, and I quickly gained weight on it after initially losing weight. I have lost the weight on the Bernstein diet and have NOT regained it.

The Bernstein program works for those who follow it. I am very, very grateful I found the book and I still highly recommend it to anyone who is diabetic, is likely to be one or who has a loved one who has the disease.

Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution is an entirely logical approach to controlling diabetes - and it works. Within one day of starting the plan, my blood glucose readings were within the "normal" range and have remained so ever since. I thoroughly endorse this book and would suggest that the medical establishment accept his findings, instead of continuing to suggest that diabetics should consume relatively high quantitites of carbohydrate.

Struggling with horrid episodes of hypoglycemia or raging up to blood sugar levels of 15mmol? I am a rational, sceptical Type 1 diabetic and I'm imploring you to read and act on this book! Dr. Berstein had prescribed a method of blood sugar control which is, quite simply, second to none. The dietary restrictions he advocates are huge (no bread, no potatoes,no pasta - and that's just for starters) but his method really works! I am a Type 1 diabetic and, having tried Berstein's method, feel absolutely great with steady, consistent blood sugar levels and colesterol levels and much better mental awareness. If you live with diabetes and you're tired of being told that high carbohydrate and low fat diets help to control blood sugar (which they don't in real life, no matter how hard you try)then buy this book. This man really has changed the life of a very sceptical Brit and I'm jolly grateful to him for it

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